New Zealand Endurance Radish Food Plot Seed

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BioLogic's New Zealand Endurance Radish

BioLogic's exclusive New Zealand Endurance Radish is a new generation radish cultivar capable of growing extremely browse tolerant and nutrient dense forage with advanced regrowth and cold tolerance over traditional radishes.

A New Generation of Radish Developed for Deer.

  • Nutrient Rich Forage Provides Months of Attraction and Herd Health

  • Drought Tolerant and Performs Well in Dry Conditions

  • Increased Cold and Browse Tolerance to Feed and Hold Deer Longer

  • Late Flowering: Remains Leafier and of Higher Forage and Feed Quality than Other Types of Radish

  • High Yield Ability

  • High Forage Value

  • Improved Palatability with Soft, Smooth Leave


Endurance Radish Nutritional Analysis

When planted under ideal conditions with 90 day growth

Digestible Nutrients:


Crude Protein:


Leaf Growth Forage:

5,800 lbs.

Bulb Growth Forage:

6,300 lbs.

Total Forage Per Acre:

12,000 lbs.


Endurance Radish Planting Guide


4 + hours of sun for maximum growth

When to Plant:

Endurance Radish should be planted in late summer/early fall or 45-60 days before the first frost

Soil Fertility:

Fertilize & lime according to soil test. General recommendations without a soil test are 300 lbs. per acre of 15-15-15 at planting. 50-100 lbs. of 46-0-0 at 30 day growth.

How to Plant:

New Zealand Endurance Radish should be planted at 1/4" - 1/2" deep in a well prepared seed bed

Planting Rate:

4 lbs. per 1/2 acre