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Foliar Fertilizer

Put the Taxidermist on Speed Dial

BioLogic has changed the way many Gamekeepers manage their properties. Our blends like Maximum which are 100% NZ brassicas are capable of growing TEN tons of forage per acre, as opposed to traditional cereal grains that might grow a single ton. BioLogic blends can feed a lot of deer. That's our magic. We overwhelm your deer herd with nutritious forages, and soon your neighbors deer show up. However, you have to do all this right. 1. Plant fall plots as early as possible (late summer if weather permits) 2. Plant at the correct depth and at the recommended rate (more is not better)  3. Fertilize accordingly 4. Soil test prior to next season and add missing nutrients back to the plot. These plants are so good at up-taking nutrients from the soil and making them readily available for your deer herd through the leaves, that you must be willing to soil test and add back nutrients to stay at a high level of nutrition. This is really easy, but it's the secret to continuously having extremely productive food plot seed for deer, turkey, and other wildlife.  There you have it. The blue print to a successful plot.      

Grow Bigger Bucks, More Ducks, Scale Tipping Bass and FLocks of Wild Turkeys

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