GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow

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The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow

This plow can fit a well braced 2” receiver. If your ATV does not have one…a strong after-market bolt-on type 2” hitch receiver (year/make/model specific) can be bought online.

The Groundhog Max ATV/UTV Disc Plow makes preparing food plots a Fun 1-man DIY job with less sweat equity involved. This ATV disc plow is designed with lower cost, versatility, maneuverability and ease of use in mind. It can’t compete with a tractor cab with A/C but it is a good alternative for those of us without a tractor and those of us who want to get to a “remote” place or your own “secret spot”.

This “concept” works because you utilize the weight of the ATV/UTV (700-1500 lbs.) and the rider. With “less steel” and more direct down pressure on the discs you get a more aggressive cut. You ride on the plow like a 5th wheel. Faster plowing speeds (3-7 mph), allows you to use smaller cc “air cooled only” units in 2-4-wheel drive without running hot. You and your unit stay cooler with less stress. This allows use on a lot more years/makes/models. It works with IRS or straight axle setups. Direct, Belt, or chain drive units can work. 

Operating the GroundHog MAX plow

To make the Groundhog MAX plow work… you must first back your unit up on a 4” block that spans the 2 rear tires. Plug the plow into your 2-inch receiver and install 1 tractor pin. Pull the other tractor pin out and let the disc assembly slide down to the ground. Pick the assembly up 2 holes and re-pin. When you back off the block your plow is engaged and ready to disc. Plow less aggressively to start. Adjust as necessary! 2” hitches from 9 to 24” off the ground can work (up/down adjustments are in 1” increments).

GroundHog MAX Equipment Compatibility 

Can be used on ATV, UTV, Quad, 4wheeler, wheelers, MTV, side-by-side, zero turns, mowers, jeeps, trucks. REFER TO OWNER'S MANUAL FOR RECEIVER SPECIFICATIONS TO ENSURE PROPER USE OF PLOW.

Dominate the Dirt!  Imagine the possibilities! Anywhere you can get to with an ATV or UTV.

Uses include game food plots, gardening/landscaping, small discing needs for arenas, trails, ball fields, lake shores, and duck holes. Firebreaks and weed control for a home defense plow. Preppers plow for emergency use and a lot more.

  • SOLD since 2007 (made of ¼ wall steel)
  • Saves time/gas/money! 
  • Easy loading, no extra weight needed, no trailer required, no extra helper. Weighs 43 lbs.
  • Easy transport to your property. You can use transport mode or strap it to your unit’s rack allowing you to get to “any” remote food plot.
  • Easy height/depth adjustments in 1” increments via a tractor pin; works on units with hitches from 9” to 24” above ground level. Actual height 19-25”
  • Plowing speeds are twice as fast as a standard plow (3 to 7 MPH) and you can use reverse with the plow engaged. Width 22”  
  • Plow in looping circles and figure 8’s as well as back and forth
  • The compact design allows for easy storage Easy to store in a small footprint, stores inside-No ratchets to rust-no tires to dry rot and go flat
  • Basically, maintenance free-wipe off, spray down with WD-40 or similar
  • Each disc has a bearing with anti-slide bolts and nuts for easy replacement. All bearings are the same size. Discs are mounted on a ¾” steel axle. Creates a closed type system with the axle itself encased in a 1” steel pipe between each disc blade.
  • Fully assembled…replacement parts available
  • 90-day manufactures warranty


There is ONLY 1 plow but it is sold 2 different ways


1A. If your unit already has an existing strong square 2” hitch.

1B. If your unit only has an existing ¾” utility hole or a weak 1 ¼ “square receiver. You can buy a year/made/model specific bolt-on type strong, square, aftermarket hitch online  (back to about year 2000) OR you can see if “2A” below would work for your unit and buy the box that includes the hitch receiver kit.

1C. DIY…or take to fabricator; any unit 1999 and older and some others.


2. PLOW INCLUDING a square HITCH RECIEVER KIT (in the box).

2A. Your unit has an existing ¾” utility hole or a weak 1 ¼ “square receiver. This included hitch kit converts these types over to a strong square usable receiver.  Primarily for Honda and Polaris (work/ranch type) units but does allow some others units to use this hitch install concept too. NOTE: Some customers use this receiver kit for their DIY or Fabrication setup.

If you want to learn more about the GourndHog MAX check out their YouTube Page HERE.