Our Story


The beginning of the BioLogic family of products is the result of Mossy Oak's dedication to managing white-tailed deer. There was no written business or research plan; instead, BioLogic's inception is rooted in Toxey Haas' obsession for chasing and raising whitetails and Dr. Grant Woods' intensive passion for researching and managing deer herds to their full potential.

The Science Behind the Brand

A seven year study of a specific deer herd demonstrated the results that could be achieved by a typical group of sportsmen who properly implemented a quality deer management program. As part of this project, enough does were harvested to balance the herd's adult sex ratio, while immature bucks had been passed to allow the herd's buck age structure to significantly improve. These goals had been met with the adult age structure being 1.8 bucks per doe. Even with all these improvements, the herd's body weights and antler development hadn't increased.

During the span of the seven-year research project, investigation into commercial venison and antler production by red deer farmers in New Zealand concluded that their success was dependent upon their ability to develop seeds that provided high quality forages in limited areas that were successful in maximizing antler and venison production. Because of the long standing research and science behind the seeds developed in New Zealand deer farming and the common scientific family of the red deer and whitetail species it was decided to test if establishing high quality food plots on only 1/2 of 1% of a property would have a measurable effect on the deer herd's body weights in the states.  

When the final study was completed, it was clear that the whitetail herd had indeed responded with significant increases in body weight and overall health.  None of the researchers predicted that body weights would respond so positively to high quality food plots being established on only 1/2 of 1% of a property. Even more interesting, when the food plot acreage was almost doubled the following year, the body weights again responded accordingly.

It was the results of this original research — and the knowledge gained from the extremely successful New Zealand deer farming community- that led to the creation of BioLogic and drives us to provide the absolute best seed and seed blends for wildlife.   

Twenty years later BioLogic is widely considered as the gold standard for food plots, by never compromising quality and focusing on nutrition for wildlife. Partnered with the forage research experts at PGG Wrightson of New Zealand, this allows BioLogic exclusive access to cutting edge forage cultivars developed specifically for deer. Today the product offering has expanded to include more traditional annuals and perennials but also specialty plantings that include no plow, blind hiding cover, upland bird blends and waterfowl specific plantings.

BioLogic was born on research and proven with quality products. You can trust that each bag has the finest seeds available and offered in a blended ratio that is proven to give you the best chance at success. You can't control Mother Nature, but you can make certain you plant the finest seeds possible. After all, the seeds are the least expensive part of the whole equation. Simply put, you can trust Mossy Oak BioLogic.     

Toxey Haas
CEO Mossy Oak Brand
BioLogic Founder

Bobby Cole
President BioLogic
Austin Delano
Southern Research and Development,




Toxey Haas , GameKeeper, CEO Mossy Oak Brand BioLogic Founder


Bobby Cole, GameKeeper, President BioLogic


Austin Delano, GameKeeper, Southern Research and Development,  BioLogic


Todd Amenrud, Gamekeeper, Northern Research and Development, BioLogic 


Jacob Womack, GameKeeper, Sales Manager BioLogic