Biologic Soil Testing

What Type of Soil Do You Have?

Knowing the characteristics of the soil not only helps determine the most productive species to plant but gives land managers the information needed to properly amend the soil ensuring a successful , nutritious food plot. Since soil acidity levels are so important in establishing and creating a successful food plot, BioLogic has created an easy to use way to test the levels in your soil. Simply download (HERE), print, and fill out the form and send it along with a sample of the soil and a check/credit card for $7.50 to:


By Mail
BioLogic Labs
2790 Whitten Rd
Memphis, TN 38133

Once BioLogic Labs receive the soil, within 36 hours they will analyze it and provide detailed information via email, fax, or regular mail about your soil along with a recommendation of how much lime to apply. 

Questions About Your Soil Test?

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