Alfalfa Food Plot Performance Additive

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BioLogic Plot Performance Alfalfa Additive

Biologic’s Alfalfa food plot seed blend is pre-inoculated with new technology that increases the shelf life of Rhizobium (the bacteria that allows legumes to create nitrogen).

When to Plant Northern Regions: All additives should be planted in early spring to allow root systems to develop prior to hot weather. Brassicas may also be planted in late summer or early fall; allow 30–60 days of growth prior to a frost.

Supported Species Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey 

Northern Zone Spring

Transitional Zone Spring, Late Summer

Southern Zone Fall

Coverage 9 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth 1/4 inch or less

Amount of Sunlight At least 6 hours per day.

Soil pH 6.2 to 7.0

Fertilizer 300-400 lbs. 0-20-20 per acre

Nutritional Value 25-30% protein depending on what stage of bloom it is in. The alfalfa provides exceptional growth and nutrient availability during drought and stress periods when clovers are not as productive. Also has rapid forage production and palatability.

Primary Usage All Year in the south. From Green-Up to Winter Dormancy in the North.

Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.