BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer

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Biologic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer 

  • Easy To Apply Clover Foliar Fertilizer Concentrate
  • 0-10-20 Fertilizer
  • Increase Clover Food Plot Forage
  • Improves Clover Health
  • Maximizes Clover Attractiveness


BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer Concentrate
Clover and other legumes are amazing, soil building plants that are excellent at transferring nutrients and protein to deer and other wildlife. Legumes affix their own nitrogen and do not need high nitrogen fertilizers applied for proper growth. Applying foliar liquid fertilizers are a very efficient way to add critical nutrients legumes need for proper growth and forage production. BioLogic Clover Clover Food Plot Fertilizer will not runoff when applied at least two hours before a rain and does not leach or acidify in the soil.

Phosphorus and potassium are two very important nutrients for all growing plants, especially legumes. 80 to 90% of BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer will be absorbed by the plants within the first two hours after application. This quick uptake by the plants through the foliage can be much more efficient and readily available than typical granular fertilizer applications. Legumes growing in soils with low pH levels will benefit greatly with BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer going through the plant directly instead of the soil first.

BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer can be added to most herbicides used for weed control in legumes. To be sure of compatibility, use a simple jar test before tank mixing. 

Recommended Application Rate
The application rate is 2 gallons per acre and can be applied anytime you have more foliage growing than exposed soil. For maximum results and forage production, reapply every 6 to 8 weeks during spring, summer, and early fall. BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer must be diluted before application, dilution rate is based on the amount of solution your sprayer puts out per acre. For ideal coverage and even distribution of fertilizer, apply BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer with 15 gallons of water per acre. BioLogic Clover Food Plot Fertilizer will not settle out or separate and does not have any particles big enough to clog sprayer nozzles. 

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen.................................................0%
Available Phosphate (P2O5)....................10%
Soluble Potash (K2O).................................20%

Sources: Urea, Potassium Carbonate, Phosphoric Acid, Calcium Nitrate