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This is a highly palatable blend of perennial and annual forages, designed to maximize antler growth and weight gain throughout the growing season, year after year. Extensive research in New Zealand and North America has produced perennials that are extremely palatable and drought-resistant, providing highly digestible protein and minerals during the critical antler and fawn development periods in spring and summer. The annuals — large-leafed brassicas — are a delicious source of protein in advance of the winter stress period. Together, these cultivars yield extremely high tonnage of quality food per acre while addressing the herd’s nutritional needs throughout the entire season. To maintain optimum effectiveness beyond the first year, broadcast BioLogic™ Maximum’s brassica varieties directly onto the existing perennial crop in the early fall portion of the second growing season. With proper fertilization and care, a Premium Perennial food plot will last four to five years, delivering 30% crude protein, over 80% total digestible nutrients and 100% satisfaction with the size of your bucks.



How to Plant Premium Perennial will perform best when planted in a firm, well-prepared seedbed. This blend can be easily planted by using a drill, or you can machine or hand-broadcast the seed. The seed shouldn’t be planted deeper than 1/4 inch. The use of a cultipacker is an excellent method for covering the seed. For best results, apply lime and fertilizer as recommended by a soil test. If a soil test isn’t possible, apply a ton of lime and 300 lbs. of 13-13-13 fertilizer per acre, or simply use BioLogic pHFERTILIZER.

When to Plant In the south, plant Premium Perennial in early fall, as soon as soil moisture is sufficient for seed germination. Spring planting isn’t recommended; frequent summer drought conditions could limit root growth.

Supported Species Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey, Upland Birds

Northern Zone Spring, Late Summer

Transitional Zone Spring, Late Summer

Southern Zone Late Summer, Fall

Coverage 9 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth 1/4 inch or less

Amount of Sunlight 6 hours or more

Soil pH 6.0 to 7.0

Fertilizer 350 lbs 10-20-20 per acre. For established perennials use a product with little or no nitrogen like a 0-20-20 at 300 to 400 lbs per acre.

Nutritional Value Up to 38% protein. Averages 34% protein. This mix provides a great year round plan for your deer heard as well as wild turkey.  Excellent calcium: phosphorous ratio. High energy/carbohydrate levels 

Nutrition High in protein and mineral content

Primary Usage All year

Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.