Game Changer Forage Soybeans 40lbs.

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Game Changer Forage Soybeans

Game Changer Forage Soybeans are glyphosate tolerant soybeans with good height, great stress tolerance, and an excellent disease package. High protein forage is ideal for providing nutrition for antler, body weight, and fawn growth. Game Changer forage soybeans are suitable for most all soil types and is also an indeterminate growth type. This bean keeps growing under adverse conditions ensuring a successful, clean plot with glyphosate-resistant weed control. 

How to Plant Soybeans:

Game Changer Forage Soybeans can be broadcast onto a well prepared seed bed and covered 1-1.5 inches in the soil. Seeds left on the soil surface may have poor germination and be eaten by pests. Be sure to soil test and add appropriate fertilizer at or just before planting time. If needed, lime should ideally be applied several months before planting. Without a current soil test to go by, fertilize with 250-300lbs per acre of 0-20-20 or a comparable low or no nitrogen fertilizer. No-till drills or planters are ideal for planting.



When to Plant Soybeans:

Game Changer Forage Soybeans can be planted anytime in the spring or summer months. For maximum forage output, plant in spring 1 (one) month after the last frost for your region, or when soil temperatures consistently reach 60 degrees.

Supported Species:

Whitetail Deer

Northern Zone:


Transitional Zone:


Southern Zone:



40 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth:

1 - 1.5 inches

Soil pH:

6 to 7


250-300 lbs. of 0-20-20

Soil Type:

Suitable for most all soils as long as adequate moisture and fertility is available.

For a deeper dive into planting Game Changer Forage Soybeans listen to the Gamekeeper Podcast episode #156 | Soybeans: A Game Changer for Your Deer.