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Take advantage of this limited time Father's Day sale package and make this year's food plots the best yet! Save 40% off retail price on this unique package that will enhance any food plot.

Offer good through Father's Day - 6/20/21

Package includes:

BioLogic Plot Performance AlfaClover Additive - 1lb.

This unique blend alfalfa and clover cultivars is truly different from any other alfalfa-clover blend marketed in the United States. These blends are specifically engineered for deer. Alfa Clover is also high in protein and is a great perennial to mix in with any pasture land and other perennial mixed to boost production. 

BioLogic Plot Performance Alfalfa Additive - 1lb.

Biologic’s Alfalfa blend is pre-inoculated with new technology that increases the shelf life of Rhizobium (the bacteria that allows legumes to create nitrogen).

Biologic M.E.E.N. GREEN Water Soluble Fertilizer - 5lbs. 

M.E.E.N Green contains water soluble phosphorous which helps stimulate root development and increase plant growth. Healthier root systems allow plants to develop faster and more efficiently utilize soil moisture. M.E.E.N. GREEN also provides plants with key micronutrients that are commonly unavailable in typical soils and ordinary fertilizers. This unique formula makes plants healthier, better tasting and noticeably more attractive. Adding M.E.E.N. GREEN to your entire food plot or just a small specific area will create a “sweet spot” that deer just can’t resist.

1 Yr. Subscription to GameKeepers Magazine

GameKeepers Magazine is Mossy Oak’s flagship publication that teaches how to improve and enjoy the wildlife on your property. You will receive 4 quarterly issues packed full of diverse wildlife management information from folks who take pride in their farms and have learned their lessons the hard way. First issues ships right away with this food plot performance package. 

BioLogic Decal

These BioLogic vinyl die-cut decals are durable, long lasting, and easy to apply. BioLogic Full Color Decals | Size 3" x 3.5"