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Mossy Oak BioLogic Full Draw BCP

Mossy Oak BioLogic's Full Draw BCP's blend of direct from the mill ingredients delivers one of the most attractive and nutritional whitetail feeds available today. Available in Wild Berry, Vanilla and Apple flavors, the formulations capitalize on a whitetail?s need and natural attraction to specific aromas, drawing deer from long distances and keeps them coming back for more.Engineered to increase antler growth and maximize overall herd health, Full Draw?s highly palatable blend of roasted soybeans, corn and moisture resistant, fortified protein pellet delivers 16% overall protein and the added vitamins and minerals whitetails need for complete nutrition. Feed 365 days a year for maximum benefits and attraction. Feed according to state laws from a spin cast, covered trough or gravity feeder for best results.

· Irresistible aromas natural flavors and high quality ingredients drawdeer from long distances and keep them coming back for more

· Fortified protein pellet, grain, and legume blend with added vitamins andminerals

· 16% overall protein for maximizing antler growth and herd health

· Added roasted soybeans and corn increase palatability and create habitualuse

    Feeding Directions:

    This product is designed to be offered to deer as a supplement in feeding or conservation programs. Daily consumption of this supplement can vary based on forage/browse availability and/or seasonality. Offer this product in an appropriate feeder or on the ground depending on local wildlife or other laws or regulations.

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