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BioLogic Perfect Plot  is a blend of all the best BioLogic cultivars formulated into one blend. BioLogic Perfect Plot has New Zealand red and white clovers, alfalfa, winter peas, chicory and the best BioLogic brassicas. Perfect Plot can be managed to perform as a true perrenial. Annual ingredients which are a small percentage of the blend can be added back annually. This blend will give you true attraction in the fall-winter and true nutrition in the spring-summer making it, the Perfect Plot.


How to Plant:  Perfect Plot is best planted by spreading the seed on a well-prepared seedbed at 9 lbs. per acre, then using a cultipacker to cover the seed. Broadcasting the seed on a well-prepared seedbed just prior to a rain also produces an excellent stand —the rain serves to bury the seed the appropriate depth (1/4 inch) and ensures adequate soil moisture for germination. Mechanical grain drills are also excellent methods of planting. Disking is not a recommended method of covering the seed — this would bury the seed too deep.


When to Plant: Perfect Plot is a fall-planted product and ideally needs approximately 30 days of growth prior to any frost

Supported Species Whitetail Deer, Wild Turkey

Northern Zone Spring, Late Summer

Transitional Zone Late Summer

Southern Zone Fall

Coverage 9 lbs. per acre

Planting Depth 1/4 inch or less

Amount of Sunlight At least 6 hours per day

Soil pH 6.2 to 7.0

Fertilizer 350 lbs 10-20-20. For established perennials use a product with little or no nitrogen like a 0-20-20, 300 to 400 lbs per acre.

Nutritional Value Up to 38%. Averages 34%. As good as it gets for whitetail! Excellent calcium: phosphorous ratio also high in energy/carbohydrates

Primary Usage All year in the south. In the north it will last until the brassicas are eaten in the winter. After the first year the perennial portion will produce from spring green up through to plant dormancy.

Soil Type Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available