The beginning of the BioLogic family of products is the result of two individuals' dedication to managing white-tailed deer. There was no written business or research plan; instead, BioLogic's inception is rooted in Toxey Haas' passion for chasing and raising whitetails and Dr. Grant Woods' intensive passion for researching and managing deer herds to their full potential. Beginning in 1991, Dr. Grant Woods started researching a specific deer herd. His research would last seven years and was designed to demonstrate the results that could be achieved by a typical group of sportsmen who properly implemented a quality deer management program. As part of this project, enough does were harvested to balance the herd's adult sex ratio, while immature bucks had been passed to allow the herd's buck age structure to significantly improve. These goals had been met with the adult age structure being 1.8 bucks per doe. Even with all these improvements, the herd's body weights and antler development hadn't increased.

Noticing these occurrences, in 1988 Dr. Woods was allowed to manage the existing food plots, which were previously managed by the land owner and consisted of only 1/2 of 1% of the property (30 of 6,000 acres). These plots had always been planted in winter wheat and served only as an attractant or green fields to make it easier to observe deer. With seven years of data on this specific herd, Dr. Woods decided to test if establishing high quality food plots on only 1/2 of 1% of a property would have a measurable effect on the deer herd's body weights. During the span of the seven-year research project, Dr. Woods was also investigating the extremely successful record of deer farmers in New Zealand. Deer are farmed in New Zealand at the same level of intensity as cattle in the States and because of the economic impact of growing venison and antlers as crop, the New Zealanders have committed a lot of the nation's resources to thoroughly research deer nutrition. In fact, both universities and private companies have departments specifically geared to study and develop forage crops that maximize antler and venison production. The deer are maintained in high-fenced pastures, and raised solely for the production of venison and velvet antlers. In fact, velvet antlers and venison comprises a sizable percentage of New Zealand's exports.

Curious, Dr. Woods traveled to New Zealand to visit with both research scientists and deer farmers to learn more about their antler and venison production methods. As a result of this meeting, Dr. Woods was able to import some of the various seeds used by deer farmers in New Zealand and try them in a food plot setting in the States.

Dr. Woods needed funding to cover the lime and fertilizer expenses associated with establishing food plots. Oddly enough, none of the food plot seed companies established at that time desired to sponsor this food plot research. Toxey Haas, founder of Mossy Oak®, learned of Dr. Woods' research and offered to sponsor his research if he would help Toxey apply any knowledge gained from the research to his food plots. None of the researchers predicted that body weights would respond so positively to high quality food plots being established on only 1/2 of 1% of a property. Even more interesting, when the food plot acreage was almost doubled the following year, the body weights again responded accordingly!

The results of this research project caused Dr. Woods and Toxey Haas to ask many more questions of the New Zealand deer farmer community. It was the results of this original research — and the knowledge gained from the extremely successful New Zealand deer farming community- that led to the creation of BioLogic.

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