protein peas
Spring Protein Peas


BioLogic Spring Protein Peas is an annual warm season planting that is designed to provide maximum nutrition for your deer herd through the critical growing months. Whitetails have their best chance for reaching their genetic potential when they have a consistent high protein food source during the spring and summer months. Protein Peas is a very drought and browse tolerant planting that is high in nutrition and very attractive to whitetails. In areas of high deer density, Protein Peas may need protection with BioLogics P2 Plot Protector so plants can get established. Always install a utilization cage to monitor forage output and browse pressure.

This product is not available for shipment to Canada. 
The following seeds are available for shipment to Canada: Clover Plus, Premium Perennial, Maximum, Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets, Perfect Plot, and Brassica Plot Performance Additive.

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