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Tyrone Forage Soy Beans


Tyrone Forage Soybeans can produce up to 19.3 tons of fresh forage per acre. Tyrone Forage Soybean leaves and pods average over 20% crude protein (CP) and the beans can average over 42% protein. In a two location study in 2007 and 2008 at the University of Arkansas, conducted by Justin Rogers, owner of L.J. Rogers Wildlife Seeds LLC, Tyrone Forage Soybean averaged 31% acid detergent fiber (ADF) and 45% neutral detergent fiber (NDF) for whole plant samples, seed protein content of 42.1% and a seed oil content of 19.6%. In the same study, forage soybeans had a 1653 lb. vegetative biomass advantage over the conventional ag-type varieties by full bloom. By full pod, forage soybeans were a full yard taller than the conventional ag-type soybeans. Tyrone Forage Soybean produced a full ton of protein per acre.

Tyrone Forage Soybeans are tall, late maturing and produce greater vegetative biomass for wildlife. Tyrone Forage soybeans can reach heights up to 6 feet. Therefore they compete well for light when intercropped with corn, sorghum, and millets providing great forage.

Group 7 soybean

Plant spring/summer. Can be sprayed with BioLogic Weed Reaper Grass Control for any grass problems.

Planting rate 50lb per acre. Can be drilled or broadcast onto a prepared seed bed.

Without current soil test, fertilize with 0-20-20 at 200lbs per acre. 

This product is not available for shipment to Canada.

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