Weed Reaper Grass Controll
Weed Reaper Grass Control Herbicide

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Hate weeds? We do too!
Eliminate weeds for healthier, happier, more attractive food plots.

Designed to kill annual & perennial grasses without harming broadleaf food plots. Ideal for controlling grasses and grassy weeds in clover, chicory, alfalfa, soybeans, lablab, peas and other legumes or broad leaf food plots. This product is effective or "rainfast" within one hour of application.

Weed Reaper eliminates grass competition and extends the life and productivity of your food plots. Use 12-20 gallons of water per acre with this pint of herbicide. For maximum results, add M.E.E.N Green water soluble fertilizer to tank mix to increase Weed Reaper’s effectiveness and foliar feed the crops you are trying to protect. Best results will be achieved by spraying grasses that are young and thriving. If grasses are mature and tall, mow first and spray the new re-growth 7-10 days later.

Surfactant included with this product, mix with water and apply to entire area for a weed free food plot.

Application rate is 1 pint per acre.

M.E.E.N. Green
NonTypical Clover
Non-Typical Clover
Clover Plus
Clover Plus