GameKeeper Culti-Packer
GameKeeper Culti-Packer


Pulverize Soil Clods - Increase Plant Yield - Level Terrain - Increase Moisture Retention - Reduce Wind Erosion - Firm Your Soil Bed - Sets Seed at the Proper Depth

Whether your passion is for whitetails, turkeys, or upland birds, creating and maintaining the proper food plot is critical. That's why we have designed the GameKeeper series cultipacker by DoMor Equipment. The GameKeeper cultipacker is the most versatile attachment for land management and food plot development. the unique design allows you to add additional weight to break up the toughest dirt clods while leaving your ground level and ready for seeding. The knobbed cast iron wheels not only leave the soil windrowed for better water retention, but will also pack you seed to the proper depth.

3" Tube Steel Frame
-3" Tube Steel Frame is designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Bolt on Seeder Bar
-Fits most ATV seeders; prep, seed, and pack with one attachment.

Hanging Weight Bar
-Innovative weight bar allows you to add additional weight. From 40-320 lbs.

Greasable Self-aligning Bearings
-The agricultural grade bearings provide stability and long hours of reliability.

Bolt-On Tongue Design
-Designed to easily breakdown and minimizes the space required for storage.

9 1/2" Crusher Knobbed Cast Iron Wheels
-22 knobbed cast iron packer wheels give you a 50" working width.

Model GKD50
Tool Type Cultipacker
Packer Wheels Cast Iron with Knobs
# of Packer Wheels 22
Packer Wheel Size 9.5"
Shaft Bearing  1.75" Greasable Pillow Block
Overall Width 56.75"
Overall Length 52"
Hitch Method Clevis Pin
Weight 320lbs.
Warranty 1 Year Non- Commercial