Handheld Broadcast Spreader
Handheld Sprayer


The handheld sprayer allows for the easy transport of product when planting or maintaining a smaller or hard to reach food plot. This sprayer is easy to assemble, pressurizes quickly, and features a locking handle that makes it a breeze to carry from one spot to another. Great for applying herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides.

Other Key Features:

  • Anti-Clog Filter Keeps Un-Dissolved Solids From Impeding Ability to Spray
  • 4” Large Opening Allows Easy Mixing of Products
  • Pressure Relief Valve to Adjust and Release Pressure Quickly & Easily
  • 47” Reinforced Clear Hose Provides Exceptional Reach
  • Viton™ Equipped Seals & Gaskets Prevents Corrosion from Harsh Chemicals (not including acetone based products)
  • Adjustable Brass Cone Nozzle & Poly Fan Tip Nozzle Options

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M.E.E.N. Green
Weed Reaper Grass Controll
Weed Reaper Grass Control Herbicide
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Outfitter's Blend
Outfitter's Blend