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ATV Sprayer


The professional grade BioLogic ATV sprayers, in both fifteen (15) and twenty-five (25) gallon capacities, are designed for durability and superior performance.  The chemical resistant polyurethane tanks that mount directly to your ATV.  The ATV sprayers feature a manifold for easy adaption of boom or boomless accessories allowing you to configure your sprayer for effective food plot maintenance.  The BioLogic ATV Sprayers have everything you need to start spraying right out of the box!

Other Key Features:

  • 2.2GPM Everflo™ Pump Provides a Maximum Pressure Rating of 70PSI
  • Pressure Gauge Provides the Ability to Monitor Pressure to Ensure Precise Application of Product 
  • Viton™ Equipped Seals & Gaskets Prevents Corrosion from Harsh Chemicals (not including acetone based products)
  • 19” Pistol Grip Spray Gun w/Adjustable Brass Cone Nozzle and 15ft. of Hose Allows You to Access Hard to Reach Areas
  • Dripless Shutoff Eliminates Wasted Product & Leaking of Chemicals on Other Surfaces
  • Return Supply Line Allows Chemicals to Continuously Circulate in the tank
  • Ratchet Straps and Molded Connectors w/Alligator Battery Clips for Easy Mounting

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