Winter Peas
Winter Peas


BioLogic's Winter Peas™ blend is an additional fall planting of extremely attractive cool tolerant peas that establish quickly and provide lush attractive forage. Whitetails are strongly attracted to this planting and have been known to destroy these plots with browse pressure. This makes Winter Peas an excellent plot for bow season and early rifle season. Their attraction cannot be denied.
This product is not available for shipment to Canada. 
The following seeds are available for shipment to Canada: Clover Plus, Premium Perennial, Maximum, Winter Bulbs & Sugar Beets, Perfect Plot, and Brassica Plot Performance Additive.

Supported Species   Whitetail Deer
Northern Zone   Late Summer
Transitional Zone   Late Summer, Fall
Southern Zone   Fall
Coverage   20 lbs. per acre.
Planting Depth   1/4 inch
Amount of Sunlight   Partial to Full Sun is best-at least 6 hours per day
Soil pH   6.0 to 7.0
Fertilizer   350 lbs of 9-24-30 per acre.
Protein   Average protein content of approximately 25%. Will vary depending upon the stage of growth.
Nutrition   Average protein content of approximately 25%. Will vary depending upon the stage of growth.
Primary Usage   Expect Usage Shortly After Germination
Soil Type   Will grow in all soil types pending adequate soil moisture is available.
How to Plant   Broadcast in a well prepared seed bed and cover with 1/4" of soil. Be certain to soil test and follow instructions for lime and fertilizer. If a soil test cannot be performed we recommend at least 300 lbs. of BioLogic phFertilizer per acre. Be certain to use a utilization cage to monitor usage.
When to Plant   Winter Peas can be planted in the fall / late summer along with traditional fall planted food plots.

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